An indelible spot on French police – a warning and a lesson for British police

French police covered themselves in shame during the nazi occupation in France in July 1942, during an event they actively participated in, which has since been an indelible spot. French people still feel ashamed about the behaviour of their police, up to present days.

This event is known as the “Vel d’Hiv Roundup”, which is likely as toxic for French police reputation, as the well know anti weed substance appears to be for any plant.

Wikipedia explains this event, well known by French people, but less likely by foreigners:
The Vel’ d’Hiv Roundup (FrenchRafle du Vélodrome d’Hiver, commonly called the Rafle du Vel’ d’Hiv: « Vel’ d’Hiv Police Roundup / Raid »), was a Nazi directed raid and mass arrest of Jews in Paris by the French police, code named Opération Vent printanier (« Operation Spring Breeze »), on 16 and 17 July 1942. The name « Vel’ d’Hiv Roundup » is derived from the nickname of the Vélodrome d’Hiver (« Winter Velodrome »), a bicycle velodrome and stadium where a majority of the victims were temporarily confined. The roundup was one of several aimed at eradicating the Jewish population in France, both in the occupied zone and in the free zone. According to records of the Préfecture de Police, 13,152 Jews were arrested, including more than 4,000 children. They were held at the Vélodrome d’Hiver in extremely crowded conditions, almost without water, food and no sanitary facilities […], then shipped in rail cattle cars to Auschwitz for their mass murder. French President Jacques Chirac apologized in 1995 for the complicit role that French policemen and civil servants served in the raid.

French police actively participated in this roundup (or raid) and arrested, as said above 13,152 Jews, for just being Jews.

For many years, I wondered why on earth could have police officers accepted to behave so outrageously, most of them according to the reports, without any respect for the families they were arresting. How would they not hide them? Who would they not tell families beforehand to escape? Documentaries on French TV are many, and indeed, some police officers warned some Jewish families, but they were only few policemen. Most of them did not wonder if it was fair to obey the orders, did not bother with their conscience, and arrested families with young children without any hesitation.

I wondered how these men could have looked at themselves in a mirror later on, and whether they could feel not ashamed.

Probably, some did, and when the ally forces were close to Paris, many police officers participated in the insurrection against nazi forces. Some may have done it because of feeling ashamed; probably many then fought against the nazis just to be on the side of the winners.

The Vel d’Hiv Roundup remains an indelible spot on French police reputation.


Now, let us go to modern time, and let us look at Rotherham report, where police, social services and local authorities turned a blind eye, letting 1,400 white British young girls being raped by Muslim gangs. When parents approached the police for help, the police would not bother, because of their fear of being called racists, and because of their fear of riots from the Muslim community. Saying that, I am NOT stating that all Muslims behaved badly, just that there was and had been a problem within their community, and that turning a blind eye would in no way tackle it, but on the contrary give a free pass for wicked people to continue committing their crimes.

What about the conscience of police officers, social workers, local counsellors?

Do you see a common pattern with Parisian police of July 1942? I can’t help seeing it.

Moreover, whoever denounced these crimes about Rotherham would be labelled a racist and a bigot, and sure enough, MSM were so happy to stick these labels onto Tommy Robinson’s name.

Sorry, MSM, where is your conscience? If they wanted to be accomplices of these crimes, they would not have behaved differently. Same pattern. Same spot. Indelible.


Last but not least, the outrageous behaviour of Cambridge police towards Tommy Robinson and his children. Everyone can see Tommy’s footage: police officers coming out of nowhere, whilst Tommy with 2 friends and their 7 children (of which 5 under the age of 11) were quietly watching football on TV in a pub. We could see on the footage that the staff said Tommy and “his group” had not caused any trouble whatsoever, and we could see the police officer saying – without laughing – that they were certain groups likely to cause violence, and that Tommy and his group of 10 people had to leave straight away. The words he used implied that Tommy and “his group” were likely to cause violence. With young children??? This is more than ridiculous. A loving father like Tommy would prevent his children from being anywhere close to violence, it is obvious. How can this police officer not be ashamed of his blatant lie is a wonder to me. Or did he mean that Tommy and “his group” were at risk of being targeted by violent people? He could simply just have told so. Fair enough. Then it would be their duty to protect innocent people, Tommy and “his group”. But the way Tommy and “his group” were followed down the road by four officers who told Tommy “we’re following you and there’s no way out of that,” causing his two children, both aged under 10, to cry in terror,
is an absolute outrage. The likelihood of wanting Tommy to react badly, because the police were intimidating his children, who of course are so precious to him, and get an opportunity to arrest him and send him to jail, seems obvious.

Well done, Cambridge police! Do you see a similar pattern as Parisian police of 1942? I personally do. Where is your conscience, in frightening and intimidating young children? No, you did not send people to death, but your outraging behaviour, if meant to have an expected bad reaction from Tommy (I do think this was the aim of your action – hoping, for you, it was not – but then, I cannot figure out what your aim was), and sending him to prison, and likely to death, as prison authorities have repeatedly knowingly put him with Muslim extremists sentenced for a long time, known to be willing to kill Tommy.

Ah, one last word. The few people, responsible of the Parisian police, who were still alive 50 years after the Vel’ d’Hiv Roundup, were eventually sued and put in prison for crime against humanity.

Rotherham police, social services, and local authorities should keep that in mind.

And speaking of Cambridge police, we all can easily remember the face of the police officers involved with harassing Tommy and his children in that pub in Cambridge. I wonder whether they can watch their own face in a mirror without shame. If they can, they may just remember that things change, and that one day, what Tommy has been fighting for: a free country, freedom of speech, will prevail.

Their faces are now for many people associated with shame, for the rest of their lives. Just remember: one day, justice will prevail.

I hope I am wrong and that I misunderstood what Cambridge police officers did. If I am wrong, I will be more than happy to give an apology. Anyway, yes, one day, justice will prevail. It is just a question of time.


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