Sami Aldeeb: Protectorate for refugees in half of Saudi Arabia

This is the translation to English of the paper writen by Sami Aldeeb in French :

After I translated it and presented the translation to the author, he corrected my translation and added it in English on his blog: here it is now:

I have published it on my blog with the author’s agreement.


In a previous paper, I proposed to take half of the territory of Saudi Arabia and half of their gas resources to create an international protectorate to solve the problem of Muslim refugees.

I presented this proposal at a conference behind closed doors in a sunny place I will not specify, neither will I mention the organisers and the participants. 


The answer from Western and non-Western participants to this conference was that it is an ideal solution, as refugees are mostly Muslims, and Muslim countries are not providing them a safe place to escape. Furthermore, it is not fair that the only Western countries hold on their own the burden of these refugees who threaten their security. There is indeed strong evidence to fear that terrorist organisations use these refugees as a fifth column to destabilise Western countries and destroy them from within. And this is neither for Western countries’ benefit, nor for refugees’ benefit. The only objection made against this proposal is about its feasibility. Will Saudi Arabia accept to give half of its territory, even for Muslims? My answer was: of course, it will not. Therefore, this solution must be imposed on it, if needed by military action and occupation.


It is clear that each terrorist attack occurring in Western countries by Muslim extremists will provide more hatred between Muslims and non-Muslims. Muslim communities and Muslim refugees will pay the price of anger due to these increasing terrorist attacks. Whatever are the attempts of Muslims in Western countries trying to exempt Islam from terrorist acts, Westerners are not that stupid they would believe these statements. Islam is deep rooted in violent teachings, visible for 14 centuries, which are notorious to anyone.


These Islamic teachings need an in-depth reformation, in order to separate the Medina violent Quran from the more peaceful Mecca Quran, as proposed by late Mahmoud Muhammad Taha, hung in 1985, by judgement influenced by Al-Azhar. The reformation is imperative if Muslims want to live in peace between themselves and coexist with non-Muslims. But this reformation relates to the very Quran. Therefore, it cannot take place as quickly as could be wished, because Arab and Muslim countries cannot dare touching the Quran. Therefore, Muslim intellectuals are trying to find an acceptable way for Muslims without touching the Quran. But this way is absurd. And as the Arabic proverb says: “What nature wasted cannot be repaired by fragrance makers”. For this reason, Arab and Muslim countries will face unprecedented catastrophes and will be confronted with two choices: extinction from the planet, or the elimination of Islam teachings as accepted today and as taught by Al-Azhar and all Arab and Muslim universities, not forgetting schools, mosques, and media.


Furthermore, Western countries cannot impose reformation of Islam teachings to Muslim communities on their territory. And it is clear that the number of refugees from Muslim countries is going to increase. Arab and Muslim countries will become a very hard to live hell. For this reason, Muslims will try to escape … bringing along the teachings of the religion which devastated their country … just like a patient affected with Ebola carries the virus of the disease. Neither the Muslim immigrants, nor the countries where they go to, will be able to protect themselves from such a virus. This plague could then contaminate the whole of humanity.


Nobody rejoices with the idea of having to undergo a surgical procedure of brain, not even a simple appendectomy, unless doctors can convince the patient that the choice is merely surgery or death. And if the patient is a child, the family can give authorisation. In the absence of the parents, doctors will proceed to surgery without needing parental authorisation. When someone comes from an affected area with Ebola virus, authorities would put him or her in quarantine, even if the patient is opposed to it. In this case, the patient’s freedom is sacrificed for the security of the community.


The intellectual must precede his or her society in the diagnosis of the disease and in identifying an effective treatment. He will often be mocked at by the community. Arab tradition reports the story of a girl called Zarqa Al-Yamama who could foresee a person at the distance of three walking days. According to the legend, she warned enemies were coming hidden behind trees, but her people would not believe her. And when the enemies arrived, it was too late, and her people were exterminated.


Remember from me what I am writing to you today … before it is too late. This is a warning for any reasoning person:


The only solution to the problem of Muslim refugees coming from Arab and Muslim countries consists in establishing an international protectorate able to receive 100 million refugees who will flee the hell from their countries, and whom Westerners will not be able to receive because of the threat on their own security. The earlier this protectorate is created, the better. It can be realised in confiscating half of the territory of Saudi Arabia and half of its gas income. This solution is the fairest, because it is not equitable that few hundreds of corrupt princes share the wealth of Saudi Arabia, whilst millions of Muslims are confronted with poverty, hunger and injustice.


According to some information, about thirty Pakistani migrants who went to Europe were sent back there. However, once in Islamabad, government put them in a plane to Europe, on the pretext they had no official documents. See this paper. Yet, thousands of refugees are hiding their identity. They cannot be sent back to their home country. And Western prisons are full of Muslims, jailed for illegal presence, or for threat to the security of the country. In France, more than 70% of prisoners are Muslim … including a high number of terrorists who cannot be deported to their home country. No one knows how to deal with these cases, as these people cannot be condemned to death. What goes for France also goes for Switzerland and for many Western countries. Creating an international protectorate would allow to transfer there these prisoners and refugees, instead of keeping them in our streets or our prisons or our detention centres, at high cost.


Just for your knowledge, in Switzerland, each prisoner costs not less than 300 francs a day, which is 9000 francs a month: the equivalent of the salary of a university professor … without doing anything, at cost of taxpayers. Prisoners are kept after two third of their sentence, because no one knows where to send them, as they do not held reliable identity documents … and refuse to undertake steps to obtain them from their embassies.

Professor Sami Aldeeb
Director of the Centre of Arab and Islamic Law
Translator of the Koran in French and author of many books

Arabic and French version of this article


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