Welcome back to freedom, Tommy Robinson.

This is the translation of the paper published in French on the French site Riposte Laïque http://ripostelaique.com/tommy-robinson-enfin-libre.html

Tommy Robinson was sent back to prison on 14th of July, 8 days before his licence ended (on 22nd of July). Let us remind that he was sentenced 18 months of prison on 23rd January 2014, for mortage fraud, even though he did not earn 1 pence from this action, which we’ll summarise briefly: he lent £20,000 to his brother in law, who presented the money as his to get a mortgage. The bank was fully paid back. On top of his sentence, Tommy was imposed a confiscation of … £117.000, to be paid on 17th of July 2015.
He was put for 5 months to prison, then was released on license, with restrictions to his freedom, including avoiding any contact with members of the English Defence League, which he created in 2009, and left in October 2013. Very odd conditions for supposedly financial fraud he was sentenced for: what is the relation with political activities?
By last 20th of October, a few days before he was due to make a speech at the famous Oxford Union, he was called back to prison on the ground he had answered on Twitter to someone who made death threats to his family.
The following month, invited again at Oxford, 4 days before his speech (which he did, this time), probation contacted him and told him he had to avoid speaking of some topics, otherwise he would be sent back to prison. He said at the beginning of this speech: “I was warned about my licence; I’m on an early release and certain things I was going to say would result in me getting recalled back to prison… I haven’t got the same freedom of speech as everyone else has got then… I was going to expose certain things about the Police, but that will have to hold now.” He spoke later in a tweet of police bribery, and in another tweet, he said “they [the authorities] blackmailed the safety of my family”.
Whilst the expiring date of his license was approaching, his friends would fear the Establishment would find an excuse for sending him back to prison to silent him. The fact he was recalled to prison 8 days prior to the end of his license confirmed our fears. He just said: ““Put me on a wing full of Muslims & arrest me for protecting myself. I’m in no doubt they meant to put my life at risk.”
He was freed on Friday, 24th of July, which is 2 days after after he should have legally been freed, without having been explained why, according to what he said. He could tell what happened. All of this makes think it was a stitch up. Here are his words after being freed, on Friday evening, 24th of July:
« I was given an extension till October to pay my confiscation, I paid £99,000 months ago. Then on 16th this month, they revoked my extension. Giving me 24 hours to pay the remaining £18,000. If it wasn’t paid by 4pm on 17th, I would get 2.5 years in prison. Conveniently, I was recalled to prison to this time. They would have thought I couldn’t get it paid, which then would have activated the 2.5 years sentence. My mum was in hospital on 16th, she checked out, went home, remortgaged & paid. That’s why I’m free. Their plan fucked up again.”
Tommy publicly announced on Twitter that he is going to speak publicly in the coming days. He revealed to Riposte Laïque how much he had underwent persecution, which is worth the one suffered at the time of the Soviet empire by the dissidents of European countries. His bravery is even more remarkable: despite main stream media would demonise him, label him a nazi, a fascist, a bigot, a racist, this man was proving an incredible integrity and bravery. He is about to explain why he suddenly left the EDL, which he was decided to leave anyway, but he will explain why he left suddenly in October 2013, for which some supporters of the EDL called him a traitor or a grass, which affected him badly at a time he need much support. He explained it to me, what he had to face at that time, and I think he took the best decision possible, with a bravery, a sense of responsibility, and a sense of honour which impose respect.
But let us express himself publicly first, now that he can do it freely.
Tommy, we are waiting for your statements and revelation with atmost interest.
Welcome back to freedom, Tommy Robinson.


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