Tommy Robinson – “What would you have done?”

This is the translation of a paper which I wrote in French and was published on 30th December 2014 on a site called Boulevard Voltaire (,148500?fb_comment_id=fbc_581363801964063_581368755296901_581368755296901#fe4475f07b13aa

Known character of the fight against islamisation of his country, Tommy Robinson, aged 32, did a speech at the highly respected Oxford Union, on 26th November.
This working class man is well known for being the founder of the English Defence League in 2009, a movement, which, like the PEDIGA movement in Germany now, organised demonstrations against the islamisation of his country.
He left the EDL in October 2013, on the ground that it had reached its target (warning the public) and that the movement was infiltrated by few unmanageable extremist elements.
His trouble past (fighter, hooligan) made it easy of main stream media to vilify him. His route is even more remarkable.
In 2011, he presented at New York airport for the 10th anniversary of 9/11, but was denied entrance in the USA for his activism. The next year, he went with the passport of a friend, for which he was later on sentenced 20 weeks in prison.
On 23rd January 2014, he was sentenced for fraud mortgage, for having done a false declaration in 2008, so that his brother-in-law could get a mortgage, fully reimbursed since. He said in an interview that, had he pleaded not guilty, his wife would have had to appear at court, which for him was not acceptable, as she would be seen publicly and that would put her life in danger.
He begins his speech with saying that, being under license, his freedom of speech is under control, so that he is going to speak of his life, and of what brought him to his fight.
He explains in his speech that his home town, Luton, became gradually islamised. That he is not against ALL Muslims, but that there is a big problem WITHIN the Islamic community. He shows interview of people living in a Muslim ghetto, openly threatened for living there and not being Muslims. Hence his key question: “What would you have done?”, even more when victims seek help from the police, who do nothing, for fear of being labelled racist. He speaks of young girls raped and drugged by Muslim gangs. He shows an interview of himself on TV dated 2010, where he was warning about this: few people would believe him by then. Last autumn, his statements were officially confirmed by a damning report for local authorities and police who put a blind eye on the rape of 1400 young girls by Muslim gangs over a period of 16 years in Rotherham, in Northern England, and many more reports are coming from all over the country.
Tommy shows how the media have presented him in a biased way, with the evidence of the video of these events. His conclusion: There is a big problem within the Muslim community who must make its own revolution. Nobody can make this revolution but Muslims themselves.
To conclude, we see a genuine man, lover of justice, who simply wanted to expose crimes, and clashed against the hostility of a power which I will call collaborationist.
So you, public, “What would you have done?”
Respect, Mr Robinson!


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