Policital Correctness on the way of sinking in the UK

This paper I wrote in French (to let my French compatriots know about the current situation here in the UK) and just translated to English was first published on 29th August 2014 on http://www.bvoltaire.fr/richardferrand/politiquement-correct-prend-leau-en-grande-bretagne,101509


     A massive  scandal is currently shaking Political Correctness in the UK, which may mark the mind of the British people for years to go, beginning with general elections next year.

     It was openly revealed that acts of paedophilia were committed at a huge scale in the town of Rotherham (North of England), on 1,400 children, aged 11 to 16, over a period of 16 years. On top of this huge amount for one average town, what outrages British people is that authorities had been aware for a long time, and put a blind eye on it, on the fear of being labelled racist.


     Headlines of newspapers are explicit and show the earthquake in people’s mind : 2 headlines between others :

–          The Guardian : « Failures let to sexual abuse of 1,400 children »

–          The Daily Mail : « Betrayed by the PC Cowards »


       An independant report requested by Rotherham Council reveals monstruous paedophile networks of paedophiles who could commit their sexual abuses with total impunity on more than 1,400 children. The report reveals that investigators turned a blind eye in fear of being labelled racists ! Paedophile rapists belonged to Pakistani gangs [hence, were Muslims].

     Some victims or their parents would go to the police, who simply dismissed them, or even tried to intimidate them.

     Authorities even tried to pressure media so that the scandal would not be revealed, in order not to stigmatise a whole population.

     Some men publicly denounced these facts, one of them being Tommy Robinson, whom I spoke of in a paper last June (in French site Boulevard Voltaire, translated in the blog NewDayStarts in English). Policemen went down from South Yorkshire to Luton, to raid Tommy’s house, with machine guns, in front of his wife and children, in order to intimidate him [added note from my paper in French : to be honest, I think I would have been badly intimated if it had been me – but Tommy is such a brave man  he could not remain silent ! Total respect, Tommy]. National authorities, this time, and not only local, and Main Stream Media vilified this brave man, who though said « I know of some Muslim mates whom I grew up with who would kick these rapists badly for what they did to these kids. Not all Muslims must be blamed for that » [Translated from French : I cannot remember Tommy’s exact words].

     Tommy Robinson was then labelled by these same media who are now denouncing the scandal as a racist, evil fascist, hate monger, etc. In fact, he was just proclaiming openly and publicly the truth.

     Now that these facts of paedophilia in Rotherham are being known, media are shooting at Political Correctness. But they (obviously) not have had a word of apology to Tommy Robinson.

     He twitted yesterday « When political correctness is put before protecting innocent children, we have failed as a society ».

    There is indeed something rotten in the state of Political Correctness.


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