I trust you, Tommy Robinson

5th August 2014

Dear Tommy,

I don’t know whether you need more support now that you are out of prison, as you have the most valuable support: from your beloved ones. As my only way of speaking to you is via the internet, here is an open letter for you. I am feeling sad and even angry that you are not being allowed to speak to whoever you wish or to express yourself openly. I must say, since I discovered the great person you are, that I miss hearing you and hearing from you, as if you were a valued friend (which I feel you are).

Anyway, make this unfair situation an opportunity to recover from all the difficulties you have been going through. Enjoy your wife and children. I am sure you are giving your mum, affected with cancer the attention you wanted to give her when you are detained. She must be very proud of her loving son.

I can feel the human feelings that shine from you.

As I said before, you are the one man who made me realise there are things which we must not tolerate. That too much tolerance kills respect. That political correctness is just a cover hiding feelings and is in fact detrimental to free honest speech and mutual understanding between individuals and between communities.

I was surprised by my reaction towards you. I was living in your country as a foreigner, working in your country, but not feeling part of your people. Just a foreigner respectful of the people where he lives. But when I saw these Muslim extremists demonstrating against your way of life and your army, and how you reacted bravely at them, I just could not accept that people who like me are not from your land (even if some of them were born in Britain) could impose their way of life and their views to you, British people. That made my blood boil for you, British people. Nobody has the right to impose their way of life on you in your land! Nobody has the right to impose their way of life to the locals of any land. Such a lack of respect is unacceptable. Then, I could no longer feel a total foreigner, even though I am French from head to toe.

When I saw how you led the anger of your people after Lee Rigby’s murder, I realised you were the one who was reacting properly, canalising the anger of your people and expressing it appropriately. I felt I had to follow you on Twitter (as I would not go to a demonstration in your country, because I have no right to impose my views on your people). Since then, I have learnt to know you. And you know that I trust you totally. My trust in you is my reward.

And if I, a Frenchman, who felt a foreigner in your country, have learned to trust you, how much more your compatriots will. No doubt. Many already do. Many more will.

Meanwhile, please just enjoy the moments of peace you can have with your beloved ones. Let their love go deep into your heart, as much as you give your love to them. Make that time valuable for you, valuable for whatever you decide to do later on. Grow wiser, stronger, happier in yourself. And please don’t let anyone use your too good heart for their motivations. I totally trust your motivations. You made and you will make mistakes, you will take one day or another a wrong decision, as this is our common human nature. I trust totally your motivations. I have not one single doubt about you.

Thank you again for what you have done. I could be your father by my age, yet you taught me so much by your example.

I wish you all the very best. With my total friendship.

Richard Ferrand   ( @FrenchR1ck )


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