Thank you, Tommy Robinson

Richard Ferrand

( @FrenchR1ck on Twitter )

 12th July 2014


                        Dear Tommy,


            I’m so glad you have at last been back to and with your beloved ones for now 1 month. Time has gone so quickly.

            The only thing I am sad is very selfish: I cannot write to you any more, as I used to when you were in jail. No way that I would want you back there, for sure.

            So, I thought, why not sending a letter to you by the only way I have: on the internet? I am not sure you received my weekly letters when you were in jail. Not sure you receive this one. You must have had so many letters to read when you were in jail.

            To those who wonder why I support you, me, a middle-class French expatriate, living in your country, I just want to say you made a difference in my life, in my views, in my soul even, by your example: of bravery, of honour, of commitment, of accepting your own mistakes as lessons. You opened my eyes, as one of many other people. You made me reconsider things I had taken for granted for years. You made me understand that there are things that are not tolerable in our “tolerant” societies, which are turning a blind eye on dangerous people and ideologies, and making guilty and calling bigots and racists whoever does not agree with the Most Holly Political Correctness, as it has become. And those who look at Political Correctness with opened eyes feel ashamed they could believe in that Word as it were the New Holy Scriptures.

            I know that you, Tommy, are in no way a racist or a bigot. You are just a genuine man.

            I just want to express how I am grateful to you, Tommy. And yes, I admire you. You are a proper man, and a true gentleman in your heart.


            I feel sad you have not the freedom to express yourself publicly, as you could before, until your sentence is considered as fully over (until 23 July 2015, theorically). Quite a few people, even within the Conservative Party, are quite sceptical of why you would not be granted free speech now you are not any more in jail, when the offence you were condemned for was fraud mortgage (fraud which was not even for your own benefit) and not on political ground, which makes think many it was an excuse for making you silent. People cannot openly say, but quite a few have the ability to use their brain.


            I feel sad you cannot even express how things are going for you. I hope your mum, affected with cancer, is getting on well. At least, I am glad that you can now be at her side physically (as I know you have always been with her in your heart and soul).

            I am glad you can enjoy being with your beloved ones, wife and children. I am sure you are enjoying these moments with them deeply.

            Make your silence an opportunity to grow up even more, to understand things better, to build your life now and in the future, to make your plans.


            I do not know what you will decide when you can speak for yourself openly at last.

            Whether you decide to fight again for what you believe is right, you will find people at your side: you speak common sense, not Politically Correct Holly Rubbish. If you do, please do not let people use you. Some know you are a (too?) good person, but I am sure you can feel who wants to use you. Let your heart speak. Be yourself.

            Whether you prefer to remain silent: after having lived many difficulties for 5 long years now, with death threats on you, I would perfectly understand that you just want to enjoy your privacy. Who could blame you?

            Whatever you decide, I will always be grateful to you. I wrote you have my unconditional friendship as the person you are. Many more must feel the same for you as I do. And I know you cannot give friendship back to each one of us. So: no request back. Just one request for you: be yourself, Steven Yaxley-Lennon, you are one of the very few men in this world I totally trust.



And thank you, forever.


2 réflexions au sujet de « Thank you, Tommy Robinson »

  1. SueOZz

    Bloody hell Rick, this is so moving, every word written from the heart. I love that you care, respect & honour our Mr Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, if I tried to write something like to Tommy it would probably come over as a desperate old lady, but from you it comes over exactly the way it should, from the heart. As you know Ric I wrote to Tommy while he was wrongly imprisoned, I don’t know if Tommy received my letters, though I sure do hope he did, cause I wanted Tommy to know that too care, respect & honour all that he is & all that he has done. I don’t give much of myself to people, but when I do I give with my heart, and this wonderful young man has won my heart.
    For as long as I live Stephen will always have a special place in my heart & that my friend is a fact.
    I live in Oz & at nearly 57 yrs of age, I’m pretty damn sure I will never travel to the UK & that I will never meet Tommy, I will never know Tommy personally, but YOU MR ROBINSON FEEL LIKE FAMILY TO ME & I SAM NOT ASHAMED OR EMBARRASSED TO SAY I LOVE YOU MATE.

  2. Tommy johnson

    This is Tommy Johnson. @anAmericanUSA. Rick your my Best Mate and you said what’s in my Heart Buddy. Tommy Robinson is the Hero we are so proud to know… he’s the strongest man I have ever known to be of our time. He is Brave and I support him and would follow him into any land and under any circumstances to fight for the causes of the truth! I pray he is now free at heart..and soon fully as time allows. And I do believe hie will again..make great speeches…take up the fight for Country and for the West. And I am ready to support him whatever he decided. Retirement even. He has proven to be selfless. He has proven to be a man of the people and I give him and Kevin my Loyalty as I have time and aging expressed. He is a man of conviction. He is made of cloth as such great men of the past. We will stand strong and support UK and US and ALL OF THE WEST. IN WHATEVER THREATENS OUR BLESSED LANDS!


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