Globalism – The ultimate mysticism



A French lady, a friend of mine, told me last year of an unpleasant experience she was victim of on social media. She is a lover of motorbikes, and she was expressing her point of view on politics, a few months before presidential elections last year: she just could not believe it when she saw that one of the ladies she was chatting with, wrote she wished my friend would die in a motorbike accident. I must admit that my friend is an awful bigot: she was voting for François Fillon, a conservative (whereas the lady who wished her dead was left wing).

Each single one of us may have had a similar experience.

Last 9th of March, the day after the international day of women rights, a male antifa attacked a right wing journalist, Lucy Brown. Not sure he was aware that day is just an incentive for men to be respectful of women all year long.

I just wondered how come could people consider that others deserve violence, for the simple reason they have a different opinion to theirs. Even more, how come can they think they can judge others from their moral high ground, when they just prove it to be fake by their own behaviour? How indecent!

And this is the point: decency or indecency, good or bad, moral or immoral, and why not pure or sinful? But, but, but… Who may present themselves as the judges of good or bad? Cannot we discuss facts? Express our questions, our objections, our disagreement, without being automatically labelled with bigotry, hatred, intolerance? Is this not true democracy: Always questioning what even is stood for granted, in mutual respect of ideas and of individuals?

What kind of mindset can allow somebody to wish death to someone else without being able to look at oneself and their own so intolerant behaviour?

It’s a magic, mystic, childish way of thinking, like “I am part of the good people, and you, you are part of the naughty ones”. From adults it’s astounding. What can this mystic value no one can question at the risk of death penalty, at least socially speaking?

Please tell me what the goldfish in a tank does not see? The glass of the tank? The people who look at the fish? No, it the water it swins in.

What is the mystic atmosphere our society (which I would call our post-democratic society) is swimming in?

What is this mysticism no one must question? Leaders like Emmanuel Macron in France and Justin Trudeau in Canada appears as the quintessence of globalism, in which nations are an outdated notion, which must be replaced by a new world, a world where cultures, ethnicities, nationalities, are interchangeable: the “world village”.

At the end of the day, it may be that the world village is the ultimate hope for our society. Each single one is entitled to believe so. Fair enough. And each single one is entitled to question this idea without taking it for granted.

It is likely that our elites considered that, to reach their aim of a world village, there would be some collateral damage. A revolution, even a soft one, is unlikely to succeed without any damage.

Now then, were the people asked whether they approved all of what it meant? Had we been told globalism would mean having so called “social cohesion” (different cultures living together) and having a period of terrorism, would have we accepted the deal?

But nowadays, whoever questions the so-called “social cohesion” is badly considered by society. What do we find more valuable: our childrens’ life, or the hypothetic hope of a global village where everyone will be happy in mutual agreement and respect? We have to prioritize. It has become a question of life or death. Which is most important? If we are ready, in view of this ideal world village, to accept that some of our children die, aren’t we up to sacrifice them on the altar of multiculturalism, which de facto becomes THE ultimate religion? Is such a mindset any different from the one denounced more than 2000 years ago by prophet Jeremiah to some Israelites (Jeremiah 19:5): “They have built the high places of Baal to burn their sons in the fire as burnt offerings to Baal, a thing which I never commanded or spoke of, nor did it ever enter My mind”?

A similar mysticism seems to take place in the heart of worshippers of multiculturalism: he must not be questioned. Anyone who accepts (worships) can only, in their views, be good. Anyone who accept it becomes morally pure, morally superior to anybody who would question it. And these worshippers of multiculturalism feel then entitled to judge anybody from their mystic moral high ground: even any misbehaviour they could have becomes sanctified from their belonging to… the Sect. There is no other word.

This sect promises the world village, where everyone will be part of one people speaking one language. It could be a magnificent hope.

Curiously, this mystic thought of a world where men are only one people and speak one language is found in the allegory of the tower of Babel: “Yahweh said, “Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language, and this is what they begin to do. Now nothing will be withheld from them, which they intend to do” (Genesis 11:6). The allegoric becomes prophetic, and is obviously a warning against world elites, from whom nothing would be withheld – at our expense.





I believe in God. Don’t ask me why. This is my feeling. I’m happy that you are an atheist, an agnostic, a Christian, a Jew, a Pagan, whatever… provided you do not impose your views or behaviour on others. By the way, for me, atheism is also a form of belief (again, my own view).

I have always felt there was a powerful somebody above us – not something, but somebody, with a will, a personality, a heart, with feelings.

I was brought up as a Christian and I believe in the God of the Bible, who loved us so much that He gave his Son to save us.

Again, I am not begging you to agree with me. Provided you are happy with what you deeply believe in (and again do not impose it on others), I am more than happy. I’m even happier if it makes you a better person, whatever your belief is.

To be honest, I have come to have less and less faith in Catholicism where I was brought up in, or in any Christian religion. I trust God, not men, who often use religion for their own interest (again, my own feeling).

With years, I found myself to be less and less praying, with being more involved with my daily activities. It did not harm anybody, and life went on.


Back in May 2013, when Lee Rigby was savagely murdered in the name of Islam (don’t say it was not Islam – it was definitely not in the name of Buddhism, or of Christianity, or of Atheism [why not a capital A to atheism?], I looked and I could see people up to the British Prime Minister saying that this had “nothing to do with Islam”! Sure enough, Mr Cameron’s words had the exact opposite effect on me to the ones he seemed to wish: I would not believe anymore such a blatant lie and propaganda (would he have said the same if there were no Muslims living in Britain?).

I had heard of Tommy Robinson 2 years before. I had just seen he was opposing Islam, and had thought he was very brave. I had almost forgotten him.

But this murder made me look back at Tommy, who had spoken openly of Islam. I created a Twitter account, and followed him. I watched him organise and lead the expectable anger of his people against this barbaric murder (which the national authorities should have led, instead of being in total denial, which was the best way to make the anger worse), and organise demonstrations to simply lay flowers in respect for Lee Rigby, in many towns, at the local war memorial. I watched him tell his followers (or tweet them, I cannot remember), to accept and respect any Muslim who would want to join these demonstrations. These were not words of a racist or whatever, as the main stream media wanted to paint him.

I carried on watching what he tweeted and watching his videos, and could feel how this man was genuine, committed, and brave beyond imaginable. I felt he was a man of total integrity. I hence felt a total respect for him.

A few months later, in October 2013, he announced publicly he was leaving the EDL. I did not know much of the EDL at that time, which I simply associated with him. So that it was a big shock. Was he also leaving his fight against Islamic extremism ? What even shocked me more was that he announced it from the headquarters a think tank of reformist Muslims, Quilliam. He did not seem comfortable whilst he was publicly announcing his leaving. His body language spoke for him: he was not the usual Tommy Robinson I now knew.

I was totally unaware of what his reasons were, and why he was presenting his leaving from Quilliam. I had seen him as a hero, and things did not seem right. I was shocked, and left without figuring out what to think about all of that. It took me 2 days to try to make sense out of it. I was puzzled.

Then, after 2 days, I summarized what I knew about Tommy: he had always been committed, genuine, honest, and incredibly brave. He had shown he was a very trustworthy man. I was absolutely certain and confident about this. In fact, I realised I had faith in Tommy. I knew he could make mistakes: he has and he will, because he is human. But I had faith in his motivations. A total faith, which even surprised me.

I now know that he wanted to step down from the EDL earlier anyway, because he could not control some racist or violent elements within the organisation, and he did not want his name to be associated with such behaviour and attitude, and I now know that he had a deal with Quilliam, who would help financially his family when he would later on be in prison, with Quilliam taking credit for his leaving. And genuinely, he wanted to know whether Quilliam could address the mindset of many British Muslims, and his short relation with them made him understand that they just could not, as  they had very little impact on the Muslim community, if any.

At that time, what Tommy was doing with this announcement in Quilliam was unclear to me. But I was sure of Tommy’s motivations, even if he seemed to do something weird, even if he seemed to betray: he just could not be a traitor, this was as sure to me as I am writing this sentence right now. I just had faith in Tommy. I remember tweeting a few days later to somebody who said Tommy was a traitor that I would blindly put my life in his hands. I still would. I have a total faith in Tommy’s motivations.


Funnily enough, my faith in Tommy reinforced my faith in God. No, Tommy is not the Messiah! I’m sure he’ll laugh about this, if he ever reads this! But if I had faith in a man because I simply knew him, if I trusted his heart, despite it seemed he was betraying, how come would I have not faith in my God himself whom I also know? I know him by the beauty of his creation, by the Gospels, by the example of integrity, love, compassion, and common sense that his own Son showed whilst he lived on earth. Anyone can see that Jesus was a man of love. And I know and have faith in these 3 simple words, which mean so much: “God is love” (1 John 4:8).

Yes, there are things I cannot understand, such was why is there evil in the world.

I trusted Tommy when things seemed he was a traitor. I could swear he was not, on my life.

Would I not trust God, just because I don’t understand why he allows evil temporarily? God reveals himself through his creation, where I see a sense of beauty, of love, for example from animals to their children. There is such a harmony in the entire universe. It is beyond our understanding. Again, I am not asking you to believe me. I’m just saying how I feel things, and the way they make sense to me.

When God announced to Abraham that his descendants would be as many as the stars in the sky, Abraham was already old and had no child. But because God had spoken with him previously, because Abraham had seen what God had done, he knew God’s personality and heart, he trusted God. So that Abraham had faith when God told him he would have a huge number of descendants, and “God counted it to him for righteousness” (Genesis 15:6, quoted in the New Testament in Romans 4:3).

Even though there is evil on earth, I just cannot figure out that there would be no God. We all know the prayer in which Jesus advised us to pray: “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, in heaven and on earth” (Matthew 6:9,10). So, fair enough, one day, God’s will will be done, in heaven and on earth. It is not now (at least not on earth). I don’t understand why it is not now, but so it is. I don’t understand why our Heavenly Father tolerates evil, but he promised it will not be forever. This is sufficient for me. I trust him.

I am like a young child with his daddy, who does not understand why Daddy is doing this. But He is my Daddy. He knows. I have faith in Him. And I now pray Him daily.


Just to conclude: whatever deep feelings you have about life, if they make you happy, I’m happy about this. What I found with Tommy Robinson is that this man, by his example, has helped to reveal the best of me. I’m sure he has helped other people to reveal the best of their heart, whatever their belief can be.



An indelible spot on French police – a warning and a lesson for British police

French police covered themselves in shame during the nazi occupation in France in July 1942, during an event they actively participated in, which has since been an indelible spot. French people still feel ashamed about the behaviour of their police, up to present days.

This event is known as the “Vel d’Hiv Roundup”, which is likely as toxic for French police reputation, as the well know anti weed substance appears to be for any plant.

Wikipedia explains this event, well known by French people, but less likely by foreigners:
The Vel’ d’Hiv Roundup (FrenchRafle du Vélodrome d’Hiver, commonly called the Rafle du Vel’ d’Hiv: « Vel’ d’Hiv Police Roundup / Raid »), was a Nazi directed raid and mass arrest of Jews in Paris by the French police, code named Opération Vent printanier (« Operation Spring Breeze »), on 16 and 17 July 1942. The name « Vel’ d’Hiv Roundup » is derived from the nickname of the Vélodrome d’Hiver (« Winter Velodrome »), a bicycle velodrome and stadium where a majority of the victims were temporarily confined. The roundup was one of several aimed at eradicating the Jewish population in France, both in the occupied zone and in the free zone. According to records of the Préfecture de Police, 13,152 Jews were arrested, including more than 4,000 children. They were held at the Vélodrome d’Hiver in extremely crowded conditions, almost without water, food and no sanitary facilities […], then shipped in rail cattle cars to Auschwitz for their mass murder. French President Jacques Chirac apologized in 1995 for the complicit role that French policemen and civil servants served in the raid.

French police actively participated in this roundup (or raid) and arrested, as said above 13,152 Jews, for just being Jews.

For many years, I wondered why on earth could have police officers accepted to behave so outrageously, most of them according to the reports, without any respect for the families they were arresting. How would they not hide them? Who would they not tell families beforehand to escape? Documentaries on French TV are many, and indeed, some police officers warned some Jewish families, but they were only few policemen. Most of them did not wonder if it was fair to obey the orders, did not bother with their conscience, and arrested families with young children without any hesitation.

I wondered how these men could have looked at themselves in a mirror later on, and whether they could feel not ashamed.

Probably, some did, and when the ally forces were close to Paris, many police officers participated in the insurrection against nazi forces. Some may have done it because of feeling ashamed; probably many then fought against the nazis just to be on the side of the winners.

The Vel d’Hiv Roundup remains an indelible spot on French police reputation.


Now, let us go to modern time, and let us look at Rotherham report, where police, social services and local authorities turned a blind eye, letting 1,400 white British young girls being raped by Muslim gangs. When parents approached the police for help, the police would not bother, because of their fear of being called racists, and because of their fear of riots from the Muslim community. Saying that, I am NOT stating that all Muslims behaved badly, just that there was and had been a problem within their community, and that turning a blind eye would in no way tackle it, but on the contrary give a free pass for wicked people to continue committing their crimes.

What about the conscience of police officers, social workers, local counsellors?

Do you see a common pattern with Parisian police of July 1942? I can’t help seeing it.

Moreover, whoever denounced these crimes about Rotherham would be labelled a racist and a bigot, and sure enough, MSM were so happy to stick these labels onto Tommy Robinson’s name.

Sorry, MSM, where is your conscience? If they wanted to be accomplices of these crimes, they would not have behaved differently. Same pattern. Same spot. Indelible.


Last but not least, the outrageous behaviour of Cambridge police towards Tommy Robinson and his children. Everyone can see Tommy’s footage: police officers coming out of nowhere, whilst Tommy with 2 friends and their 7 children (of which 5 under the age of 11) were quietly watching football on TV in a pub. We could see on the footage that the staff said Tommy and “his group” had not caused any trouble whatsoever, and we could see the police officer saying – without laughing – that they were certain groups likely to cause violence, and that Tommy and his group of 10 people had to leave straight away. The words he used implied that Tommy and “his group” were likely to cause violence. With young children??? This is more than ridiculous. A loving father like Tommy would prevent his children from being anywhere close to violence, it is obvious. How can this police officer not be ashamed of his blatant lie is a wonder to me. Or did he mean that Tommy and “his group” were at risk of being targeted by violent people? He could simply just have told so. Fair enough. Then it would be their duty to protect innocent people, Tommy and “his group”. But the way Tommy and “his group” were followed down the road by four officers who told Tommy “we’re following you and there’s no way out of that,” causing his two children, both aged under 10, to cry in terror,
is an absolute outrage. The likelihood of wanting Tommy to react badly, because the police were intimidating his children, who of course are so precious to him, and get an opportunity to arrest him and send him to jail, seems obvious.

Well done, Cambridge police! Do you see a similar pattern as Parisian police of 1942? I personally do. Where is your conscience, in frightening and intimidating young children? No, you did not send people to death, but your outraging behaviour, if meant to have an expected bad reaction from Tommy (I do think this was the aim of your action – hoping, for you, it was not – but then, I cannot figure out what your aim was), and sending him to prison, and likely to death, as prison authorities have repeatedly knowingly put him with Muslim extremists sentenced for a long time, known to be willing to kill Tommy.

Ah, one last word. The few people, responsible of the Parisian police, who were still alive 50 years after the Vel’ d’Hiv Roundup, were eventually sued and put in prison for crime against humanity.

Rotherham police, social services, and local authorities should keep that in mind.

And speaking of Cambridge police, we all can easily remember the face of the police officers involved with harassing Tommy and his children in that pub in Cambridge. I wonder whether they can watch their own face in a mirror without shame. If they can, they may just remember that things change, and that one day, what Tommy has been fighting for: a free country, freedom of speech, will prevail.

Their faces are now for many people associated with shame, for the rest of their lives. Just remember: one day, justice will prevail.

I hope I am wrong and that I misunderstood what Cambridge police officers did. If I am wrong, I will be more than happy to give an apology. Anyway, yes, one day, justice will prevail. It is just a question of time.

Sami Aldeeb: Protectorate for refugees in half of Saudi Arabia

This is the translation to English of the paper writen by Sami Aldeeb in French :

After I translated it and presented the translation to the author, he corrected my translation and added it in English on his blog: here it is now:

I have published it on my blog with the author’s agreement.


In a previous paper, I proposed to take half of the territory of Saudi Arabia and half of their gas resources to create an international protectorate to solve the problem of Muslim refugees.

I presented this proposal at a conference behind closed doors in a sunny place I will not specify, neither will I mention the organisers and the participants. 


The answer from Western and non-Western participants to this conference was that it is an ideal solution, as refugees are mostly Muslims, and Muslim countries are not providing them a safe place to escape. Furthermore, it is not fair that the only Western countries hold on their own the burden of these refugees who threaten their security. There is indeed strong evidence to fear that terrorist organisations use these refugees as a fifth column to destabilise Western countries and destroy them from within. And this is neither for Western countries’ benefit, nor for refugees’ benefit. The only objection made against this proposal is about its feasibility. Will Saudi Arabia accept to give half of its territory, even for Muslims? My answer was: of course, it will not. Therefore, this solution must be imposed on it, if needed by military action and occupation.


It is clear that each terrorist attack occurring in Western countries by Muslim extremists will provide more hatred between Muslims and non-Muslims. Muslim communities and Muslim refugees will pay the price of anger due to these increasing terrorist attacks. Whatever are the attempts of Muslims in Western countries trying to exempt Islam from terrorist acts, Westerners are not that stupid they would believe these statements. Islam is deep rooted in violent teachings, visible for 14 centuries, which are notorious to anyone.


These Islamic teachings need an in-depth reformation, in order to separate the Medina violent Quran from the more peaceful Mecca Quran, as proposed by late Mahmoud Muhammad Taha, hung in 1985, by judgement influenced by Al-Azhar. The reformation is imperative if Muslims want to live in peace between themselves and coexist with non-Muslims. But this reformation relates to the very Quran. Therefore, it cannot take place as quickly as could be wished, because Arab and Muslim countries cannot dare touching the Quran. Therefore, Muslim intellectuals are trying to find an acceptable way for Muslims without touching the Quran. But this way is absurd. And as the Arabic proverb says: “What nature wasted cannot be repaired by fragrance makers”. For this reason, Arab and Muslim countries will face unprecedented catastrophes and will be confronted with two choices: extinction from the planet, or the elimination of Islam teachings as accepted today and as taught by Al-Azhar and all Arab and Muslim universities, not forgetting schools, mosques, and media.


Furthermore, Western countries cannot impose reformation of Islam teachings to Muslim communities on their territory. And it is clear that the number of refugees from Muslim countries is going to increase. Arab and Muslim countries will become a very hard to live hell. For this reason, Muslims will try to escape … bringing along the teachings of the religion which devastated their country … just like a patient affected with Ebola carries the virus of the disease. Neither the Muslim immigrants, nor the countries where they go to, will be able to protect themselves from such a virus. This plague could then contaminate the whole of humanity.


Nobody rejoices with the idea of having to undergo a surgical procedure of brain, not even a simple appendectomy, unless doctors can convince the patient that the choice is merely surgery or death. And if the patient is a child, the family can give authorisation. In the absence of the parents, doctors will proceed to surgery without needing parental authorisation. When someone comes from an affected area with Ebola virus, authorities would put him or her in quarantine, even if the patient is opposed to it. In this case, the patient’s freedom is sacrificed for the security of the community.


The intellectual must precede his or her society in the diagnosis of the disease and in identifying an effective treatment. He will often be mocked at by the community. Arab tradition reports the story of a girl called Zarqa Al-Yamama who could foresee a person at the distance of three walking days. According to the legend, she warned enemies were coming hidden behind trees, but her people would not believe her. And when the enemies arrived, it was too late, and her people were exterminated.


Remember from me what I am writing to you today … before it is too late. This is a warning for any reasoning person:


The only solution to the problem of Muslim refugees coming from Arab and Muslim countries consists in establishing an international protectorate able to receive 100 million refugees who will flee the hell from their countries, and whom Westerners will not be able to receive because of the threat on their own security. The earlier this protectorate is created, the better. It can be realised in confiscating half of the territory of Saudi Arabia and half of its gas income. This solution is the fairest, because it is not equitable that few hundreds of corrupt princes share the wealth of Saudi Arabia, whilst millions of Muslims are confronted with poverty, hunger and injustice.


According to some information, about thirty Pakistani migrants who went to Europe were sent back there. However, once in Islamabad, government put them in a plane to Europe, on the pretext they had no official documents. See this paper. Yet, thousands of refugees are hiding their identity. They cannot be sent back to their home country. And Western prisons are full of Muslims, jailed for illegal presence, or for threat to the security of the country. In France, more than 70% of prisoners are Muslim … including a high number of terrorists who cannot be deported to their home country. No one knows how to deal with these cases, as these people cannot be condemned to death. What goes for France also goes for Switzerland and for many Western countries. Creating an international protectorate would allow to transfer there these prisoners and refugees, instead of keeping them in our streets or our prisons or our detention centres, at high cost.


Just for your knowledge, in Switzerland, each prisoner costs not less than 300 francs a day, which is 9000 francs a month: the equivalent of the salary of a university professor … without doing anything, at cost of taxpayers. Prisoners are kept after two third of their sentence, because no one knows where to send them, as they do not held reliable identity documents … and refuse to undertake steps to obtain them from their embassies.

Professor Sami Aldeeb
Director of the Centre of Arab and Islamic Law
Translator of the Koran in French and author of many books

Arabic and French version of this article

Discours de Tommy Robinson – L’appel de Dresde (30 novembre 2015)

Dresde, le 30 novembre 2015

Lancement de manifestations européennes


Bonsoir, Dresde. Bonsoir, PEGIDA. Nous nous retrouvons !


C’est bon d’être de retour dans cette belle ville, si pleine de promesses pour le futur de l’Europe. Vos rassemblements hebdomadaires sont une inspiration et un encouragement pour les cœurs vaillants à travers l’Europe. Quand les jeunes regardent autour d’eux et se demandent ce qui peut être fait, ils voient PEGIDA et vos rassemblements hebdomadaires, et se disent : Je peux faire ça, moi aussi.

Depuis ma dernière visite [mi-octobre], j’ai discuté avec d’autres groupes PEGIDA et patriotes dans toute l’Europe. Nous nous sommes mis d’accord, et j’ai été autorisé à faire une annonce importante aujourd’hui. Nous appelons à la première d’une série de manifestations pour 2016, le samedi 6 février.

Dresde et l’Allemagne ont été et sont toujours une inspiration pour ce mouvement. Il est donc approprié que ce soit ici que soit annoncée cette nouvelle unité ayant pour but de sauver l’Europe.

PEGIDA et les autres groupes patriotes solidaires de PEGIDA nous sommes mis d’accord pour manifester d’une seule voix le 6 février. Les pays impliqués à ce jour sont l’Allemagne, l’Angleterre, l’Autriche, la Belgique, l’Espagne, la France, la Hollande, la Pologne, le Portugal, la Slovaquie, la Suisse, et la Tchéquie.

Nous nous unirons pour une cause commune et sous une bannière :

Sauvons notre culture, sauvons notre pays, sauvons notre futur. Unis pour construire un futur meilleur pour nos enfants.


Des gens partout en Europe et dans le monde se sentent inspirés par vous, gens de Dresde. Je n’ai pas la moindre hésitation à dire que moi aussi, je suis inspiré par vous. Vous avez ranimé le feu en mes entrailles, et m’avez encouragé à retourner dans ce combat.

Avec les moyens que nous avons,  nous appelons à réaliser une Union Européenne en tant que « Nous, les peuples ». Nous ne nous appuyons pas sur les politiciens et les bureaucrates qui sont ceux qui nous ont amené à cette impasse. Ils ont amené l’Europe au bord de la destruction. Ils en sont responsables, et beaucoup d’entre eux continuent de nous mener encore plus près du gouffre.

Le carnage que nous avons vu à Paris le 13 novembre n’est qu’un résultat extrême de cette transformation dirigée politiquement. Et qui doute de ce qu’il y aura encore plus de carnages ? Aussi sûr que je me tiens ici, qui doute qu’il y a des milliers de djihadistes en Europe en ce moment-même, en train d’aiguiser les épées métaphoriques, en train de préparer leurs bombes et leurs armes réelles, et de préparer les prochains attentats ? L’islam ne dort jamais pour ce qui est des possibilités de terreur.

Nous nous unissons pour nous opposer aux promoteurs de la charia, aux djihadistes assassins, et à l’islamification de nos pays. Nous voulons une Europe où la peur n’existe plus. Nous voulons une Europe :

  • Sans terroristes criant Allah Akbar
  • Sans des groupes islamisés qui rôdent pour violer nos filles
  • Sans l’ombre sombre et les cicatrices pour la vue que sont les minarets
  • Sans le son de l’appel à la prière dans nos villes et nos cités
  • Sans l’excision
  • Sans la sanction coranique qui consiste à battre sa femme
  • Sans la nourriture halal qu’on nous impose souvent sans nous en informer
  • Sans des gens qui couvrent leurs faces, rôdent dans nos rues, et refusent de s’intégrer
  • Sans les exigences constantes de privilèges spéciaux dans nos communautés
  • Sans menaces de mort si nous osons critiquer des idées fondées sur le Coran et l’islam.


Et je pose une simple question : pourquoi invitons-nous dans nos frontières les graines de notre propre destruction sous la forme de millions de musulmans ?

Et je tiens à être clair avec vous, et à bien mettre en évidence quelques principes fondamentaux. Tant que je serai impliqué dans cette lutte, nous serons toujours un mouvement résolument non antisémite et non raciste. Quant à l’accusation de racisme, je demande : Quelle race est l’islam ?

Nous sommes également un mouvement non-violent. Et nous utiliserons tous les moyens légaux pour exiger, haut et fort, avec passion, que les autorités de l’Etat répondent aux problèmes que nous soulignons, et les résolvent.

La dernière fois que j’étais ici, j’ai dit : « Chaque pays a le droit de se défendre ». Et bien sûr, il en est de même de chaque continent. Le monde entier nous envie l’héritage européen. Il est trop précieux pour le voir être détruit devant nos yeux, durant notre vie. Mais un seul pays d’Europe ne peut pas se lever et vaincre à lui tout seul.

L’occasion, et nos liens par la géographie, l’histoire et la culture, nous imposent d’œuvrer ensemble  face à cette crise.

Les promoteurs de la charia et les djihadistes autour de nous sont en train de croitre en nombre et de gagner en confiance. Ils peuvent, et doivent, être confrontés à un nombre bien plus important de gens qui s’éveillent aux dangers de l’islam et sont engagés dans la défense des valeurs traditionnelles européennes.

Où que vous lisiez ou entendiez ce message, dans quelque pays que vous soyez, je m’adresse à vous et vous prie instamment de vous joindre à votre groupe national et de vous tenir à nos côtés.

Mes amis, le temps se fait court, mais je crois que nous avons encore une chance. Faisons de 2016 l’année qui aura marqué dans l’Histoire un tournant, celui de la vague puissante contre une idéologie et des gens qui veulent notre totale destruction et notre esclavage.

Faites connaître le mot d’ordre, restez saufs, soyez forts, et préparez-vous pour le 6 février !

En solidarité.

Dieu vous bénisse.


Tommy Robinson

Welcome back to freedom, Tommy Robinson.

This is the translation of the paper published in French on the French site Riposte Laïque

Tommy Robinson was sent back to prison on 14th of July, 8 days before his licence ended (on 22nd of July). Let us remind that he was sentenced 18 months of prison on 23rd January 2014, for mortage fraud, even though he did not earn 1 pence from this action, which we’ll summarise briefly: he lent £20,000 to his brother in law, who presented the money as his to get a mortgage. The bank was fully paid back. On top of his sentence, Tommy was imposed a confiscation of … £117.000, to be paid on 17th of July 2015.
He was put for 5 months to prison, then was released on license, with restrictions to his freedom, including avoiding any contact with members of the English Defence League, which he created in 2009, and left in October 2013. Very odd conditions for supposedly financial fraud he was sentenced for: what is the relation with political activities?
By last 20th of October, a few days before he was due to make a speech at the famous Oxford Union, he was called back to prison on the ground he had answered on Twitter to someone who made death threats to his family.
The following month, invited again at Oxford, 4 days before his speech (which he did, this time), probation contacted him and told him he had to avoid speaking of some topics, otherwise he would be sent back to prison. He said at the beginning of this speech: “I was warned about my licence; I’m on an early release and certain things I was going to say would result in me getting recalled back to prison… I haven’t got the same freedom of speech as everyone else has got then… I was going to expose certain things about the Police, but that will have to hold now.” He spoke later in a tweet of police bribery, and in another tweet, he said “they [the authorities] blackmailed the safety of my family”.
Whilst the expiring date of his license was approaching, his friends would fear the Establishment would find an excuse for sending him back to prison to silent him. The fact he was recalled to prison 8 days prior to the end of his license confirmed our fears. He just said: ““Put me on a wing full of Muslims & arrest me for protecting myself. I’m in no doubt they meant to put my life at risk.”
He was freed on Friday, 24th of July, which is 2 days after after he should have legally been freed, without having been explained why, according to what he said. He could tell what happened. All of this makes think it was a stitch up. Here are his words after being freed, on Friday evening, 24th of July:
« I was given an extension till October to pay my confiscation, I paid £99,000 months ago. Then on 16th this month, they revoked my extension. Giving me 24 hours to pay the remaining £18,000. If it wasn’t paid by 4pm on 17th, I would get 2.5 years in prison. Conveniently, I was recalled to prison to this time. They would have thought I couldn’t get it paid, which then would have activated the 2.5 years sentence. My mum was in hospital on 16th, she checked out, went home, remortgaged & paid. That’s why I’m free. Their plan fucked up again.”
Tommy publicly announced on Twitter that he is going to speak publicly in the coming days. He revealed to Riposte Laïque how much he had underwent persecution, which is worth the one suffered at the time of the Soviet empire by the dissidents of European countries. His bravery is even more remarkable: despite main stream media would demonise him, label him a nazi, a fascist, a bigot, a racist, this man was proving an incredible integrity and bravery. He is about to explain why he suddenly left the EDL, which he was decided to leave anyway, but he will explain why he left suddenly in October 2013, for which some supporters of the EDL called him a traitor or a grass, which affected him badly at a time he need much support. He explained it to me, what he had to face at that time, and I think he took the best decision possible, with a bravery, a sense of responsibility, and a sense of honour which impose respect.
But let us express himself publicly first, now that he can do it freely.
Tommy, we are waiting for your statements and revelation with atmost interest.
Welcome back to freedom, Tommy Robinson.

Tommy Robinson is a true hero

This is the translation of the paper I wrote and which was published on the French site of Riposte Laïque on Monday, 16th February 2015 :

            I was blessed with meeting Tommy Robinson in his home town, Luton, beginning of February, for a lunch, him and I.

            This 32 years old man, who does not pretend to be a hero, and admits honestly having made mistakes in his youth, which he is not proud of, has shown an integrity and an amazing commitment against the islamisation of his town, which he witnessed since his childhood, and of his country. He explained this in his speech at Oxford Union end of November, where he was invited.

            I first heard of him in the summer 2011, on French TV (I have a satellite dish, as I live in England) in a documentary about far right groups in Europe, which showed the English Defence League, an organisation of demonstrations against the islamisation of the country. Other European groups looked really racist, not his. He was presented as a violent thug, and what I remembered of the documentary, was telling myself: “He may be a thug, but how brave he is!”

            I had almost forgotten about him when drummer Lee Rigby was beheaded in broad day light in the streets of London. This is when I made a profile on Twitter and followed Tommy.

            I learned to know the man, to see how committed he was, despite being vilified by main stream media, and showed a total dedication in fighting to preserve the identity of his country. Whilst following him, my admiration would not stop growing. This is why I created a blog [the one you are reading] and wrote a paper about him, in December 2013. He noticed I had understood him correctly and gradually expressed his trust in me.

            So that, to me, meeting him was meeting a man I deeply respect.

           The man I knew from far is indeed the man I now know face to face. Not tall, he is full of energy, lively, joyful. And there is his way of looking at you: his eyes are frank, open, and seem scrutinising you: he met mine, full of genuine trust in him.

            Tommy is currently on licence: he was jailed on 23 January 2014 for what I feel was a fallacious pretext (he lent money to his brother in law, who presented it as his to get a mortgage, fully reimbursed since). His freedom of speech is constrained: he must avoid to speak of some issues, in which case he could be sent back to prison.

            It is then telling him I don’t want confidences from him that we have our lunch. He tells me of his hopes, of the support he is getting from people who put their trust in him, some of which he would not have expected, and of his disappointment from people he thought were his friends and who proved not to be. I saw him twitting that Lee Ribdy, the soldier beheaded in London, was a hero. I tell him that, to me, Lee Rigby was not a hero , only an innocent victim, but that he, Tommy, is a true hero: he has dared to speak openly and loudly against the islamisation of his country, against a state system that would favour Islam rather than the values of the country, and that he knows the risk of being assassinated for that. He is fully aware of it, and has accepted that such an issue could occur. He speaks to me of his family, wife, mum, and his joys with his children. I see a good hearted man, full of dignity, responsible.

            Plans for the future, once he gets his full freedom back end of July? Of course, he has. Once you open your eyes, he says, you cannot close them down. Nothing sure yet so far.

           Meanwhile, he is writing a book of his life.              

           I will never forget how we shook hands: with a total trust in our eyes. A moment which counts in one’s life.

           Thank you, Tommy. You gave me your trust and your friendship. For nothing on earth would I want to be unworthy your trust.


                                    Richard Ferrand